To edit/update team information, follow the steps given below :

  1. Login to your Enthu.AI account.

  2. From the navigation menu in the left pane, please click on the ‘Manage’ option and a drop down menu will appear.

  3. Click on the ‘Team’ option on the drop down menu.

  4. On the Team Manager page, click on the ‘Actions’ button in front of the team you want to edit.

  5. A popup will appear. You can make the required changes here.

  6. Click on ‘Update Team’ to save changes.

  7. You can also add any agent to a Team by simply clicking on the ‘Add’ Button in the ‘Agents in the Team’ section.

  8. You will be redirected to the Popup box in step 5.

  9. Under the Assign Agents tab, click on the ‘Arrow’ button to see a drop down list of Agents you can add to the team.

  10. You can also remove Agents by clicking on the ‘x’ over their name.

  11. After making the required changes, click on ‘Update Agent’ to save the changes.

Check out this detailed video on how to edit team information: 

Important Notes:

  • Only a QM or the System Admin can edit/update Team information.

  • To learn how to create a Team, click here :

  • To learn how to create an Agent, click here: