While evaluating the calls, QA marks the his/her response on the Feedback Form according to the call. After Evaluating and marking the Feedback QA can also share the call with the Agent to let the Agent know about the improvement areas.

Enthu.AI enables Agent option to mark Feedback as “Rejected” or “Approved”.

Once the QA share the Feedback with the Agent the Agent receives an Email from which the agent can access the Feedback screen for a particular period of time by clicking on the "View Feedback in Detail" link.

By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Feedback screen. Where the Agent can either "Approve" the Feedback or "Reject" the Feedback given by the QA.

A popup will appear where an Agent can record his Approve/Regent response.

The QA get a red color Rejected mark if agent rejects the Feedback.

If Agent Approves the QA gets a green color "Approved" mark appears on the QA.

Click on the "Reject" or "Approved" to view the comment added by the Agent.

You can also hover on the Reviewed button on Call Analysis screen and the comment will be displayed.

Important Notes

  • To learn how to share feedback with an Agent. Click here
  • Adding a comment is a required while rejecting a Feedback.
  • Adding a Comment is optional while approving a Feedback.