While evaluating a call you might observe the need to share Feedback with an Agent for coaching purposes or send Feedback to your supervisor if an Agent is constantly making the same mistakes again. In addition, you might encounter a need to share the Feedback with some other team members too. Enthu.AI enables you to share the feedback with Supervisors, Agents, and others by using email addresses.

Follow these steps to share call evaluation Feedback:

  • Log into your system.

  • Go to Call Analysis, then click on the Review button.


  • You’ll be redirected to another screen where you can listen to the call.

  • Go to the Feedback section present in the bottom right corner, and select the uploaded feedback form which you want to share by clicking on the down arrow. In this case, it's the Sales QA Form.

  • Check the boxes in front of the people with whom you want to share the Feedback.

  • If you want to share Feedback with someone other than an Agent or Supervisor add their email address in the box and then press enter.

  • Click on the Submit button and you are done!

Check out this detailed video on on sharing feedback forms.

Important notes

  • How to create feedback forms Click here:

  • Remember to check the boxes in front of the people with whom you want to share the feedback.

  • You can add and share feedback with multiple people.

  • You can choose if you want to share scores with Agents or not.

  • You can choose till when the Agent can access the feedback by selecting the number of days from the “Expiry from Agent link”.