Auto Language Detection is a feature that allows the platform to automatically identify the language spoken in a call or speech recording.

This is useful in call center or customer service where multiple languages are spoken by the customers.

Additionally, auto language detection  is used for transcription and speech-to-text processing ensuring that the text generated is accurate and in the correct language.

To apply auto-language detection filter follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Login in to your Enthu.AI account and navigate to call analysis screen.

  • On the right hand side of your screen, you will see a filter named 'By-Language'.

  • Click on the arrow key and select you preferred language.

  • The system will automatically shows the desired results. 

Enthu.AI and many other platforms provides Auto-Language Detection feature, it can be integrated to different use cases and industries like customer service, support, social media monitoring, and many more.

Automatic language detection is a critical component of any multilingual communication strategy, and it can help businesses to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increase efficiency and reduce costs.