You will need to filter calls when you are in search of the desired set of outcomes related to specific keywords, moments, agents, etc.

Enthu.AI allows you to search calls by:

  • Teams: Filter by Teams when you want to see calls for a particular team.

  • Agents: Search calls for a particular agent in a team.

  • Groups:  To access calls for a particular group. Opening.

  • Moments: To listen to calls of a specific moment in a particular group use filter by Moments. Example:- Salutation

  • Call Type: Filter out the calls by call type i.e. Incoming calls and Outgoing calls.

  • Call Duration: Filter by call duration when you want to listen to calls that are more than or less than a certain call duration. You can set the call duration limit by sliding the ends.

  • Calls Reviewed:  Calls reviewed filter enables you to listen to calls that are reviewed or not reviewed individually.

  • Caller Type: The call type filter helps you to differentiate calls from existing customers from new customers.

  • Script Score:  Filtering by script score when you want to listen to calls between certain script compliance scores. You can decide the upper and lower limits of the percentage.
  • Call Tags: Label your calls with custom tags and filter calls here using those tags.

  • Auto-Language Detection : Filter out calls on the basis of language say- English, Spanish, German and French. 

Check out this sample video of filtering the calls in Enthu.AI.