Moments are a part of the Script which is used for evaluation and reporting purposes, the Moments are accommodated under Themes and are assigned to particular Teams. 

The Moments can be added or changed as per convenience by following steps. 

  • Login into your account

  • Please select the Manage section and then click on Themes tab. 

  • This will land you on the page displaying existing Themes.

  • All the themes are visible under the Call Theme Manager tab. 

  • The existing Moments can be changed/modified by clicking on the Action tab. 

  • Edit information of(name of the Moment selected)” dialogue box should pop.

  • Any necessary changes of adding or editing the current information can be made here.

  • Please make the necessary changes and then click on the Update button.

  • The changes made will immediately be displayed on the Call Theme Manager screen.

Check out this detailed video on how to edit moments :