Good communication is essential for the success of any Agent. One of the ways to enhance your Agents’ communication is by providing them with a script. But that does not guarantee that the Agent will use the given script.

Enthu.AI enables you to evaluate whether your agent has followed the script while on a call, by creating something we call Groups and Moments.

What are Groups?

In Enthu.AI, a Group is defined as numerous Moments arranged together and related to each other.

 These similar moments collectively form a Group in Enthu.AI.


For example: 

Salutation, introduction etc collectively comes under the Opening Group.

What are Moments?

A Moment has specific keywords that, when used by the Agent/customer, classifies the Moment as achieved. These Moments and their keywords are assigned by the user and are 100% configurable. You can have Moments that you want or don’t want to happen during a call. 

You can also group Moments of similar nature together. For example; Moments like salutation, introduction, problem addressed can be grouped as Opening Moments (called a Group).

Moments help you evaluate your Agents’ performance by informing you how many times they stick to the script.

Important notes:

  • It is required to create a Theme before creating a Moment.

  • To learn how to create a theme, click here:

  • To learn how to create a moment, click here: