Enthu.AI offers a native integration with Justcall that helps you derive call intelligence right for all your voice calls.

It takes less than a minute to integrate your JustCall account with Enthu.AI. Just follow the steps mentioned below:-

1. Login to your Enthu.AI account.

2. Click on the dropdown arrow on the top right side of the screen and select 'Integrations'.


3. Search for the JustCall card amongst the listings and click on the blue Integrate button 

4. You will be asked for the API key and the Secret key of your JustCall account.

5. To get these keys, login to your JustCall app and then open Settings tab (from the top right). Scroll down to the last block in this tab. You wil find the keys for your account, as shown below.

 6. Enter the keys in Enthu.AI (step 4). Click on save and your integration is complete. You will also get a confirmation message in a popup. 

The button on the JustCall card will also turn red and get labelled as Disable. You can unlink your Justcall account with Enthu.AI by clicking on this option.